World Unions Of Saint Bernard Club – WUSB

2001 SHOW LICHTENFELS GERMANY It has long been my dream to travel to Europe with one of my Saints to exhibit at a major show. This became a reality when, together with her owners, Jaqui & Bryan Baynes, we decided to exhibit Youngstead Mona Lisa of Montacrie at the World Union of Saint Bernards (WUSB ) show in Germany in May 2001! This show co-incided with the 110th anniversary show of the Saint Bernard Club of Germany, held under the banner...

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Saint Bernard Club Of Italy

   40th ANNIVERSARY SHOW & INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE As the chairman of the South African club, I was invited to present a lecture at the international conference held in conjunction with the 40th anniversary show of the Club Italiano San Bernardo “Antonio Morsiani” C.I.S.B. THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE The conference and show took place at the “Antonio Morsiani Foundation for Dog Studies” on the grounds of the famous Del Soccorso kennels in...

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Saint Bernard Hospice: Hospice du Grand Saint Bernard

The chronicles about the numerous human lives saved by these dogs from the “white death”, published in many languages, and the verbal reports of the soldiers who crossed the pass with Bonaparte’s army in the 1800, spread the fame of the St.Bernard, called Barry-dog at that time, throughout Europe during the 19th century. The legendary dog “Barry” became the epitome of the rescue dog. The direct ancestors of the St.Bernard were the large farm...

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