Having a well trained obedient dog around the home is usually a pleasure. A dog that can interact with family members, as well as friends and visitors, in a safe and non threatening manner is welcome in most homes.

A large percentage of pet dog owners are perfectly capable of successfully training the family dog and have probably trained previous family dogs in the past.socializing 1

However, the pressures of modern day lifestyles, work and family requirements and general stresses of coping on a day to day basis often leave little time for extra activities such as training your dog. In addition, training your dog is a time consuming activity, and good results depend on regular training with a consistent and patient style. Not always easy to achieve!

At Youngstead we have many years of training experience with most dog breeds. Our training methods are based on consistency and patience, with positive reinforcement over regular short training sessions proving to be the most successful.

All Breed Obedience Training

In order to achieve the above regular and consistent training sessions we require the dogs to live with us for a 4 week period. The dogs will live in our comfortable and secure kennels and will have regular exercise periods in addition to their training. Owners are welcome to visit their dogs if required although a 4 week holiday without any visits produces better results.

Training can begin at any time. The ideal age for most breeds is when the dogs are between 6 and 12 months old, although we do train older dogs as well.

Training fees depend on the breed of dog and include full boarding. We do give discounts for dogs under 12 months old. We can also usually assist with dogs that have developed problems.Socializing 2

We do not train aggressive dogs or attack dogs!