Buying a Saint Bernard Puppy

Purchasing a Youngstead Saint Bernard puppy is a simple procedure. Simply contact us by e-mail or telephone  ( not by text messages )to discuss your specific requirements and time frame. Please note that although we do have many breeding dogs, we do not generally breed with every bitch every year. With your enquiry please send your full names, and details such as where you live, your family, other pets you have, where the puppy will live and who will care for it, when you require the puppy and any other details which you think are relevant. Without this basic information we cannot assist you. This means that we usually have a waiting list. If you are in a hurry for a Saint Bernard puppy then you will probably be disappointed, since we always send puppies to homes in the order of our waiting list. NOBODY ever jumps ahead of anybody else. Please also note that the price of a Youngstead Saint Bernard puppy is set by us and is not negotiable. We do not give discounts. We have many owners that have purchased more than 1 puppy during the past 25 years, and they have all paid the current price. Contact Us WE DO NOT SELL BULK PUPPIES FOR RESALE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Many prospective buyers request a male and female puppy at the same time. We can only do this if we have 2 litters at the same time, which is unusual. We never sell a male and female from the same litter to the same home! For those buyers wanting 2 puppies, we advise taking 1 puppy first and the second puppy six months later. This will give the first puppy and the owner time to bond with each other, before bringing the second puppy into the home. PUPPIES CAN BE SENT ANYWHERE – CAPE TOWN, DURBAN, ALL AFRICAN COUNTRIES, EVEN EUROPE AND USA! If you are serious about owning a Youngstead Saint Bernard you will be required to pay a deposit to be placed on the waiting list. Of course, this deposit will form part of the purchase price. We do not refund deposits under any circumstances. The purpose of the deposit is to ensure that buyers have carefully thought about the commitment required in owning a Saint Bernard, and are prepared to accept that responsibility. Note that most puppies are sold as PET puppies, not for breeding. ALL our puppies are registered with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa. Please read the section on Selecting a Breeder . If you are still interested in owning a Youngstead Saint Bernard, contact us. If you are planning on purchasing a puppy for future breeding you should first read our article on breeding with your Saint Bernard and go on to read our next article on what breeding is all about. If you are still interested in purchasing a puppy for breeding then please contact us for assistance.