Do you have problem dogs?  Do they bark constantly? Do they jump on your visitors? Do they steal food off the table? What about bad eating habits and weight problems? Health problems? Researching a breed for a new puppy?  What about socialising classes or Obedience training?  Having problems exhibiting your dogs at shows? Need to learn about Breed Standards? What about unusual doggy problems?


Kevin Young has been involved in all aspects of caring for dogs for 40 years. Kevin is an internationally  licenced show judge for most dog breeds and has studied and trained many dogs.  40 years of PRACTICAL experience together with theoretical study , examination qualifications, combined with successful dog breeding, puppy raising, exhibiting, training and show judging, place Kevin in a unique position to assist you with most canine queries.

Connecting with Kevin by telephone is a simple procedure: Consultations can take place from anywhere, at most times.

To arrange a consultation, go to the SHOP page .      Click on the CONSULTATION  icon and follow the prompts. Once you have paid the consultation fee, either e-mail  Kevin at to book a time, or if its an urgent consultation, call Kevin on +27 73 223 5113 from outside South Africa, or  073 223 5113 in South Africa.


In depth practical knowledge and experience, together with theoretical knowledge of canine and human behaviour and a solid dose of common sense provide the best tools for evaluation of problem issues.  One or more consultation will assist us to identify triggers that are creating the problems. Some of these triggers are easily identifiable and the solutions can be just as easily implemented. Other more complicated issues require more in-depth analysis and also a broader range of possible solutions.

We would like to assist you to effectively resolve any problems with your dogs. Book your CONSULTATION  NOW.


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