Do you have problem dogs?  Do they bark constantly? Do they jump on your visitors? Do they steal food off the table? What about bad eating habits and weight problems?

We have been dealing with these and all other usual and unusual dog behaviour and training problems for the past 30 years. During that time we have trained scores of dogs of all different breeds with excellent success in preventing and solving most types of dog issues.

Most of the dog problems we have dealt with involve more than one isolated problem, and are almost always a combination of issues that lead to incorrect behaviour.  The only successful way to solve most problem dog issues is to first establish the underlying causes leading to the problems.  Once you know what these causes are, an action plan can be developed to solve the problems.

In depth practical knowledge and experience, together with theoretical knowledge of canine and human behaviour and a solid dose of common sense provide the best tools for evaluation of problem issues.  One or more consultation will assist us to identify triggers that are causing your dog to misbehave. Some of these triggers are easily identifiable and the solutions can be just as easily implemented. Other more complicated issues require more in-depth analysis and also a broader range of possible solutions.

We would like to assist you to effectively resolve any training or behaviour problems with your dogs.  After a consultation to meet with you and your dog, we will provide a written evaluation together with a practical and achievable action plan to resolve the issues.

Let us help you to help your dogs. Contact us to discuss your options and plan the way forward.

We are based in Johannesburg.  Evaluations  can take place at our premises or at yours. We have comfortable secure kennels available for extended evaluations.

Telephonic consulting is also available and can be very effective in many cases.


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