———————PRIVACY POLICY————————-

a) Youngstead Saint Bernards will not ask any person / subscriber for any personal details such as banking account number, pin number, or any other various forms of confidential personal information.

b) No personal details will be given out to ANY third party organisations whatsoever, for whatever cause.

c) We will NEVER ask you for any of your passwords, or request an update to your account (if you own one on Youngstead Saint Bernards). In such an instance, telephonic confirmation will be made in order to verify and confirm client confidentiality, as well as offer security.

d) No person subscibed to Youngstead Saint Bernards Newletter will be sent any illegal materials, spam, or have their contact details given out to any person whatsoever, unless it relates to Youngstead Saint Bernards and is dealt with internally and confidentially in order to maintain subscription.

e) Youngstead Saint Bernards does not deal in any illegal activities, and does not condone or accept any form of spam, child pornography, abusive substances, fraud OR any illegal activities going againt the law of Southern Africa, or any other country. Rest assured your subscription will be for newsletters and updates from Youngstead Saint Bernards ONLY.